Chicken Hemoglobin Powder GAP902
Origin: China

Chicken Hemoglobin is a high quality protein for animal and fishes. It is obtained from quarantined chicken blood via rigorous quality assurance procedures, including anti-coagulation, cooling, filtering, separation, refrigeration, high-pressure homogenization, spray drying, granulation and cooling. With its cell membrane totally broken, GAP 902 is a palatable, digestible and concentrated protein, and it is widely accepted in diets of many species from monogastrics to fishes.

Material Source: Chicken Blood
Appearance: Dark red grains or powder.
Odor: Characteristic. No rancid odor.
Contamination: Free from pesticides, lump, insects and other foreign



  • High quality protein and great palatability.
  • Promoting metabolism, brightening animals’ fur, decreasing fat deposition and enhancing stamina.
  • Anti-disease, improving animal’s gastrointestinal microbial environment.
  • Anti-stress, reducing temperatures tolerance stress.
  • Providing good protection to animal’s liver, promote liver’s detoxification and ration conversion ability of nutrition.

Packing: 20 kg/ Bag, Composite Fiber Bag with PE Inner Liner
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.