Chicken Hydrolyzed Hemoglobin Powder
Origin: China

Chicken Hydrolyzed Hemoglobin Powder is a high quality functional protein source for animal feeds. It is obtained from quarantined fresh blood of chickens via rigorous quality assurance procedures of biological fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis and nano-separation, etc. As a concentrate, palatable, digestible and oligopeptide-enriched protein source, it is extensively accepted in diets of livestock (sow, piglets and other young animals, etc), aquatic (fish, shrimp and tortoise, etc), fur animals and pets.

Origin: Fresh Chicken Blood
Appearance: Light yellow or Yellow Grains
Odor: Characteristic


Sanitary Standard: This product conforms to the feed hygiene standards. Total Plate Count is less than 200,000 cfu/g.

Product Characteristics
• Advance technology provides good fluidity making it easy to blend in feed.
• High protein content, balanced and sulfur-containing amino acids provide an excellent protein source for feed.
• Nucleotide brings good palatability and good absorption.
• High oligopeptides that the molecular weight of 1000Da is min. 15% increasing the body’s active immunity.
• Rich in organic trace elements such as heme iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

Recommended Usage

• Please use up as soon as possible after open.
• Not for single use, please fully mix with corn, soybean meal and other stable feed when using.
• Keep it from wet, mildew and rat during the transport and storage.

Packing: 20 kg/ composite woven bag with poly inner liner.
Shelf Life: 18 Months
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.