Hemoglobin Powder GAP901
Origin: China

Hemoglobin Powder GAP 901 is a high quality protein source for animal feeds. It is obtained from quarantine fresh blood of healthy animals under rigorous quality assurance procedures, including anti-coagulation, cooling, filtering, separation, refrigeration, high-pressure homogenization, spray drying, granulation and speed cooling. With its cell membrane totally broken, spray dried blood cell is a palatable, digestible and concentrated protein ingredient, and is the ideal alternative for replacing fish meal. It is widely used and accepted in diets of livestock and aquatic (fish, shrimp and tortoise, etc.).

Material: Fresh Animal Blood
Appearance: Dark red grain / powder

Product Features
• Good fluidity – advanced technology is used to make powder into fine grains to increase fluidity which is good to mix more even in animal feed.
• Good protein supplement – high protein and balanced amino acid profile.
• High absorption rate – cell membrane is totally broken by special design technology so that it can be absorbed easily by animal body.


Metabolic Energy and Utilization Rate on Chicken:

AME: 9.02MJ/kg TME: 10.41 MJ/kg
Apparent digestibility of amino acids: 91.59%: True Digestibility 93.38%

Utilization Ratio (chicken act as the experiment object) :

Apparent digestibility:91.59% True digestibility:93.38%
Sanitation Standard:
The product accords with the Stuff Sanitation Standard and State standard of China.

General Recommendation:
Complete formula feed for pigs: weaned to 20kg by adding: 0.5-1% 20kg-90kg by adding: 1-2%. Lactating sows and boar by adding: 1-2% Meat animals by adding:2-3%. Egg animals by adding: 1-2%. Aqua by adding 3-5%.

20 kg/bags composite fibre bag with PE inner liner.

1. Please avoid the sunlight and moisture and use up as soon as possible after open.
2. Not to be used alone, please mix fully with corn, soybean meal and other feed materials before use.
3. Keep it far from wet, mildew and rats in the transportation and storage.

Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool and dry place.

Shelf Life:
12 months