Swine Plasma Powder GAP701
Origin: China
GAP701 is a high quality plasma-albumin and globulin protein supplement in animal feed. It is made fresh quarantined blood of healthy animals under rigorous quality assurance procedures, including anti-coagulation, cooling, filtering, separation, nanofiltration, refrigeration, high-pressure homogenization, spray drying and speed cooling. It has good palatability, high protein, balanced amino acid profile and high digestion. Especially, in the process it preserves all kinds of active functional proteins-IgG, which are most effective in preventing intestinal infection of piglets and preventing weaning growth arrest and diarrhea.

Material Source: Fresh Animal Blood
Appearance: Light White to Light Brown Powder

*** Natural, from swine plasma
*** High IgG and stable composition
*** Unique design package, keep product effective

Metabolic energy and utilization rate on chicken: AME 11.72MJ/kg TME: 12.96 MJ/kg Apparent digestibility of amino acids 95.70% True Digestibility 98.56%

Sanitation Standard:
The product accords with the Stuff Sanitation Standard and State standard of China.

General Recommendation:
Use until 7-10 days after weaning by adding 4% - 6%. It is suggested to be mixed with whey powder, lactose, cooked corn, puffing soybeans, enzyme, probiotics and acidifiers.
Packaging: 20Kg/Bag, Composite Fiber Bag with PE Inner Liner.

1. For best results please keep product away from sunlight and moisture and use as soon as possible after opening package.
2. Not to be used alone, please mix fully with corn, soybean meal and other feed materials before use.
3. Keep it far from wet or mildew and protect from rats during the transportation and storage.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and dry place. Shelf Life: 12 months