B-ACID poultry P is a synergic mix of organic acids, essential oils and an excipient that allows the antibacterial effect to pass through the whole gastrointestinal tract to the cloaca, with a prolonged acid dissociation that allows a bacteriostatic action through intestinal pH regulation together with a bactericide effect destroying pathogenic bacteria. In addition to this, B-ACID poultry P offers an immune-stimulant effect controlling the pathogenic bacterial growth.

While having a prolonged effect through the gastrointestinal tract, the benefic flora reproduction is stimulated; this is due to the pathogenic bacteria reduction, in a process called competitive exclusion. In addition to this, Short Chained Organic Acids, such as propionic and formic acids, have fungal and bacterial inhibition properties, together with a bactericide effect. This is due the fact they use their lipophilic characteristic to pass through the pathogenic cellular membrane and penetrate the cell, liberate H ions in the cytoplasm, causing an energetic imbalance in the bacteria (generated by the H expulsion defense mechanisms the cell has) producing its destruction.

Growth Stimulation: B-ACID poultry P has organic acids salts, which are dissociated and reestablish the stomach acidity, improves nutrient assimilation by a rapid intestinal pH reduction for optimal enzymatic functioning.

Considering layers and broilers have a relatively long useful life, they are susceptible to develop enteric bacterial problems, generally this pathogenic populations live in the last third of the intestine, where it is difficult to acidify, this is why B-ACID poultry P with its prolonged action can acidify all the way, even in the large intestine. It’s positive effect strengthens the action of antioxidant, antibiotic and growth promoter use.


• Organic acids mix with calcium citrate.


• Layers: 2 – 3 Kg / MT of feed.
• Reproducing: 3 – 4 Kg / MT of feed.
• For feed in general: 1 – 1.5 Kg / MT feed.


• Indicated for poultry, especially Layers and Broilers.
• Review Material Safety Data Sheet of the product.


• 25 Kg bags