BIOXIDANT POWDER is a synergic combination of primary and secondary antioxidants that prevent the formation of peroxides, ketones and feed aldehydes, generated as a consequence of fat and oil oxidative processes. Moreover, it preserves the identity of vitamins, natural and synthetic pigments preventing them to get oxidized and denatured.

BIOXIDANT POWDER provides a prolonged protection in time due to BIOXIDANT’s bonding capacity being very stable with free radicals. Furthermore, it keeps a mineral chelating effect that avoids oxidation.


* Ethoxyquin, Butylated Hidroxytoluene (BHT), Citric Acid, Mono Sodium phosphate.
* Total concentration of antioxidants 13%.


* 125 – 150 g/MT, to prevent oxidation of fats, vitamins, minerals in animal feeds.
* 200 – 300 g/MT, to prevent oxidation of pigment in animal feed where pigments are used as ingredients or want to preserve the natural pigment of corn.
* 250 – 350 g/MT, for aquatic feed.


* If the product to be treated is oil, we recommend Bioxidant Liquid.
* Is not recommended for treating fish meals or freshly processed animal meals.
* Indicated exclusively for all animal feed. For prevention of fat , vitamins and pigments oxidation.
* Handling this product does not cause skin or respiratory irritation
* For better results, it should be added into the ingredient mix together with the vitamin premixes and/or pigments to be used.
* It is recommended to keep the bag closed, stored in ventilated places, away from sunlight.
* Shelf life: 18 months.
* Check Info in the MSDS.

25 kg. Bags