Effective decontaminant for bacteria, mold and yeast control. BIO-SAL P is a bactericide to be used continually in balanced feed. Recommended for treatment against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, with a strong anti – salmonella and E. coli effect.

BIO-SAL POWDER bacteriostatic and bactericide effect prevents microorganism from forming. Dissociated BIO-SAL POWDER organic acids located in the digestive tract make changes in intestinal pH levels, causing pathogenic bacterial and mold inhibition (Bacteriostatic effect). Organic acids combination penetrate pathogenic cellular membrane reaching the cytoplasm, then liberating H ions which are then expelled by the pathogen’s defense mechanisms, causing excessive energy waste ending with its own destruction.

Also, BIO-SAL POWDER contains essential oils from natural extracts, which act as immune stimulant, generating better immune responses against pathogens.

The continuous use of the product maintains pathogenic fungal and bacterial control, proliferation of the benefic flora, generating more enzymatic secretion and allowing better nutrient assimilation, promoting growth. It helps preserve the animal´s immune system.

* Organic acids and its salt mix, with formaldehyde and essential oils.

* 1 - 2 Kg/MT for general feed as a preservant.
* 5 - 7 Kg/MT to decontaminate feed or raw materials.
* Can also be used for cleaning of production lines of food processing plants, sweeping with 50 Kg of mixed product with 1 MT of a carrier and perform all the line path (at least 2 times, after a stoppage of production, or when it is presumed contamination).
* A dose of 1,5 Kg/MT. No need to use other antifungals in food.
* Chicks: 1 Kg. / MT
* Fattening Chickens: 1.5 Kg. / MT

* Keep in correctly closed packing in fresh and dry environments.
* Keep the product away from sunlight.
* Product may cause irritation. Review the MSDS of the product.

* 25 Kg bags.