BIO-SAL (Liquid)
Effective decontaminant for bacterial, fungal and yeast control in raw materials and finished feed. BIO-SAL L is used as a bactericide for both Gram negative and Gram positive, to decontaminate and prevent raw material (such as fish and meat meal) contaminations associated with anti-salmonella, clostridium and E. Coli. In addition to this, it is applied in continuous treatments for poultry’s drinking water to acidify it or in poultry farms to decontaminate the beds.

Organic acids used in BIO-SAL L produce changes in the pH levels of the treated digestive tract, causing the pathogenous bacteria / fungi inhibition through a bacteriostatic effect. In addition to this, BIO-SAL L pierces the cells of the mentioned bacteria, entering the cytoplasm where it dissociates, liberating Hydrogen ions.

* Mixture of organic acids and its salts with formaldehyde.


* 3 a 4 L./MT. For preventive applications in fish meal.
* 5 a 8 L./MT. For fish meal decontamination.
* 1 a 2 L./MT. For preventive application in feed meal.
* 1 L./20 L. of water, as a bed decontaminant, to reduce the microbial charge spraying it on the beds with a nebulizer bomb.
* For decontaminations inside the digestive tract, apply according to the age of the animal in the beverage water.
0 - 15 days: 0.5 cc/L of water.
16 – 35 days: 1cc/L of water.
More than 35 days: 1.5cc/L of water.
Treatment should be applied 3 continuos days.


* Store closed packing, in fresh and dry environments.
* Keep away from sunlight.
* Review the product´s MSDS.


* 200 L Drums