MOLD-S P Is the result of an innovative high power antifungal concept, based on a synergic combination of Propionic acid and it´s salts, contained in an environment that allows accommodation of the ingredients without interacting with them offering the possibility to liberate the acid rapidly and continuously from its free form or from its ammonium salts and calcium. This inhibitor has a fast release for short life feed.

The Propionic acid is liberated immediately after the preserver is applied. By means of the mixture agitation and the humidity content of the product to be treated. Lowering the substrate´s pH where the fungi are usually located. This causes the inhibition of the microorganism´s reproduction, interrupting their vital cycle.

Propionic acid is known to be the best anti-fungal agent; it is organic and does not require to be combined with other acids to enhance its effect. The combined use of the free acid with the salts provides a more effective protection through time.

* Propionic Acid and it´s salts
* Propionic Acid Mold Inhibition Equivalent (PMIE): 53.

Normal Moisture conditions:
* Hot and humid weather: 1 Kg. / MT.
* Dry weather: 500-750 g. / MT.
* For aquaculture use 1 Kg. / MT.

* Exclusively indicated for fungal contamination, control and prevention of all types of species.
* Review information in the product´s MSDS.
* Shelf life: 12 months in original packing.

25 kg. Bags