NUTRIPAKET III is a combination of anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, mycotoxin binder and immunostimulant for use in animal feed in all breeding species.

Has a high power antifungal, based on a synergistic combination of propionic acid and its salts, reaching an antifungal power equivalent to 50.5% in propionic acid. Contained in an environment that can hold the ingredients without interacting with them, giving the possibility to release the acid in a fast and continuous way as free form or its salt form.

It is also a synergic combination of primary and secondary antioxidants with a concentration of 14%. Which prevent the formation of peroxides, aldehydes and ketones in food, generated as a consequence of oxidative processes of fats and oils. Also, preserves the identity of the vitamins, natural and synthetic pigments preventing rust and denature.

One of the main effects of NUTRIPAKET III is to have two types of mycotoxin binders, it has Sodium Bentonite (2,5 Kg/MT), primarily focused in sequestration of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxins. Also, has within its composition MOS and FOS (1 Kg/MT), focusing in kidnapping DON, T-2, among others.

The immunostimulatory effect of NUTRIPAKET III is a guarantee to how to elevate correctly the animal immune system, thereby achieving a better and more efficient response.

Anti-fungal equivalent to 50.5% of propionic acid. Primary and secondary antioxidant concentration of 14%. Mycotoxin binder (sodium bentonite), MOS and FOS.

NUTRIPAKET III must be homogeneously mixed in the animal feed, at dosage of 5 Kg/MT.

25 Kg bags.